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1 Tap Zap ⚡ is an iPhone, iPad & Mac tool to kill all EMF from these devices in just ONE TAP

EMF radiation before & after using 1 Tap Zap⚡

Did you know tapping on the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth icon from control center doesn't actually turn these connections OFF?

What really happens, is that your Phone barely disconnects from the wireless device it was previously connected to. Meanwhile, your phone continues to beam radiation all around its proximity!

After extensive research on the health hazards presented by our phones and laptops, we decided it was time for the owners to regain control over how their devices interact with the world.

This is why, 1 Tap Zap⚡ was created.

1 Tap Zap⚡ is a revolutionary tool that finally brings end to the common concern of 'Phone Radiation' giving you absolute control over your phone's interaction with other devices in the most convenient interface.



  • WiFi is known to cause impairment of Cellular Growth and reduce Fertility
  • Staying continuously in WiFi's range induces insomnia causing significantly disturbed sleep patterns
  • EMF from WiFi has been associated with childhood asthma and obesity
  • EMF radiation is also associated with children's neurological problems
  • WiFi causes ADHD and cognitive impairment upon prolonged exposure


  • Bluetooth is known to case headaches and earaches upon prolonged use
  • Bluetooth devices puts you at the risk of Leukemia
  • Radiation from Bluetooth can cause birth defects and miscarriages as well
  • A common side effect observed today is Hair Loss due to extended Bluetooth exposure.

Blue Light

  • Blue light from artificial sources dehydrate the mitochondria.
  • Artificial blue light after sunset suppresses Melatonin (sleep hormone) massively
  • This results in disrupted sleep cycles and ultimately insomnia.
  • Smartphone screens produce an overwhelmingly high intensity of blue light. This sudden spike overwhelms the cell

Screen Flickering

  • Flicker has been associated with Eye Strain, headaches and even seizures.
  • There was a Pokémon episode which was banned because it caused photosensitive seizures to over 700 Japanese Children
  • The cause was found to be rapid screen flicker which had a rapid stress response that ended up causing seizures
  • High Flickering rates have also been found to cause stress, irritability, fatigue, etc.


With just one tap, you can:

  • Disable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Completely
  • Get rid of connection with cellular tower
  • Apply our trend-setting Blue Light Filter
  • Reduce Screen Flickering, especially over low brightness
  • Achieve sound sleep almost immediately
  • Improve Mitochondrial Health significantly
  • Maintain eye health with no more dry eyes

And numerous other health benefits. Read more here

Still not convinced?

Here's how 1 Tap Zap⚡ has changed people's lives with just few days of usage:


Q) How do I install 1 Tap Zap⚡after purchase?
Upon purchase, customers will receive a comprehensive document that contains everything necessary for hassle-free experience. Additionally, we also provide video instructions for setup and utilization.

In case of any further query, reach out to us at rusty@solarpowered.me

All purchases are final. Since it is a digitally downloadable product. I can't offer refunds but I will try my best to fix any troubles you might have. Mail me : rusty@solarpowered.me

Q) Is it safe to use?
1 Tap Zap is a one-time-purchase product with no hidden costs. We will never charge you after the initial purchase.

Q) What all devices are supported?
1 Tap Zap ⚡ is supported by  all iPhones (iPhone 5 and later), all iPad 3 (and later) and all Macbooks with OS Big Sur (and above). We're currently working on bringing it for Android and Windows.

Q) How long will it take to receive 1 Tap Zap⚡after purchase?
1 Tap Zap ⚡will be available IMMEDIATELY after purchase, with lifetime access.

Q) Will it drain my battery faster?
No, 1 Tap Zap ⚡ does not negatively affect the battery. On the contrary, 'Complete Zap' feature will help you increase your battery performance by shutting down unnecessary battery-draining operations.

Q) What real life changes can I expect by using 1 Tap Zap ⚡?
Upon regular usage, you will experience good sound sleep almost immediately because of blocking blue light which would otherwise suppress melatonin (sleep-inducing hormone) production.
In a longer time frame, your mitochondrial health will be improved and frequent headaches will disappear. Overall, your day-to-day life will become calm and pleasant.

If you have any questions, feel free to DM me on twitter (@ze_rusty) or mail me at : rusty@solarpowered.me

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A Revolutionary Tool which enables its user complete control over their device's radiation management.


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1 Tap ZAP⚡

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